About me

Well, I guess that describing yourself while being accurate and objective is one of the hardest things to do as an, let s say, average individual.

The first thing that i would like to mention is that, as you probably noticed, English is not my main language. I just want to make sure that if you find any grammar errors, typos or strange construction of sentences, you will leave a comment in order to clarify the error in cause.

With this out of the way, my name is Ioan Ivan, i have 27 years old and i live in Romania.

After working for Microsoft for about two years as a Tele-Software Asset Management Specialist and one and a half years for a Indirect CSP Provider, ALEF Distribution RO.  I end up at a local Microsoft Partner and Indirect CSP Reselleler KodingTech.

I am passionate about technology. Regarding Microsoft, I have strong Licensing knowledge and I am a Microsoft Teams Trainer.

As you probably know, Microsoft licensing and products are often hard to comprehend and my goal is to share with you both general and specific information about the two.