Why is sugar bad for your health?

Everyone thinks that fat is generally terrible for your health. But did you ever asked yourself where is this information coming from? What about carbs? Can something like sugar be bad for your body? Well, the simple answer is that it depends of the quantity and the processing level of sugar. Simple definition: Sugars are […]

Breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day

In my opinion breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day but with this being one of the most controversial topics in this field, I think it’s a good idea to understand why there are so many confusing statements, affirmations and theories. Everything about nutrition sounds really complicated nowadays even though most of the […]

The only way to lose fat: calorie restriction

With this being probably the most important aspect of nutrition when you want to lose fat, I will do my best to write this article in a structured, easy to follow and science based manner. Note that my results ware not entirely caused by my diet (but also training, cardio, intermittent fasting, etc). Personal background […]

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