How is Microsoft helping your business

How is Microsoft helping your business – Coronavirus

How is Microsoft helping your business? Well there are a few ways. But first some context.

It looks like coronavirus is already affecting both our personal and professional activities. The big tech companies are doing their best by releasing helpful guidelines and donating a lot of money in order to help fighting with this epidemic. I must say: is interesting to see how everyone is trying to do the right thing.

We are all using technology in our everyday life. Is just a matter of how we choose to do it. You may use it in the most non-productive way to swipe down and ‘like’ cat pictures (if that’s what makes you happy). There is nothing wrong with that (well, there might be, but that’s not the point I am trying to make). But you can choose to use the technology (that you carry around in your pocket) to face crises like this one.

While internal communication within Microsoft is mostly marketing oriented (yes, they are using the context of coronavirus to push certain products), there is a huge potential to their technology in this context. Most of all, the collaboration part of the Office 365 suite.

So, as I said at the begging of this article: how is Microsoft helping your business in the coronavirus context.

At this point in time, even if face to face interaction is important, is not essential. Especially when we are talking about existing customers and colleagues. There are two major points I want to focus on: collaboration and meetings.


Well, this is where Microsoft really shines in the industry – Microsoft Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and so on.

There is not a single scenario of collaboration that is not available in Microsoft Teams. One to one chat – is one of the main features of Microsoft Teams. It has everything that Skype for Business use to have in terms of instant messaging and a lot more.

You can chat with both internal and external contacts, you can collaborate on Office documents in real time, you have version history for every document, the chat is persistent and easy to navigate and you can send documents to people that are offline.

Even more, a one to one meeting, screen sharing or audio meeting is only one click away.

You can easily assign tasks to your team and you can track the progress in real time using Microsoft Planner.

Trust me, you will love it.


Online meetings are a great alternative to the face to face approach, especially in the context of a virus outbreak. As I said above, direct human interaction is important but this is the best next thing.

With Microsoft Teams you can set meetings with both you internal contacts and external customers.

One feature that I love is blued backgrounds which does not require you to find a white wall to look professional. And it’s simple too. Just one click.

Don’t have access you your laptop? You can easily use your smartphone to take calls, meetings, build PowerPoints and even present them to an online audience. Great, right?

You can also use Teams Meetings to host live events. This way you can make sure that you respect your schedule and you avoid bringing people together. The best part? You don’t put them at any risks.

Also, here you have Microsoft’s view on the topic -> link.

We are usually warring about a different type of viruses. This time we have to adapt. So, what do you think about using technology in a smart way that can help you avoid some really severe health problems? Are you in?

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Have a great day and stay safe!

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