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Microsoft Teams notifications – A Complete Guide

With Microsoft Teams you can customize the way you get your notifications. Since I have a lot of customers that are struggling with setting them up, I decided to give you this short complete guide to Microsoft Teams notifications.

Here there are three main areas: notifications, status notifications and priority access and I am going to address each of them, trying to show you the right way to set them up in order to get the best out of Microsoft Teams.


To see the notifications panel, open Microsoft Teams and click on your profile picture (or on the name initials if you don’t have a profile picture) in the top right corner. Then click setting and go to the notifications tab.

Microsoft Teams notifications

Here, depending on the interaction you can get notifications via banner and email, just email or only in the top left activity feed inside Teams. How to set them? Depending on how much you use Microsoft Teams you can be better off choosing to get notify only by banner.

Someone that is using the Microsoft Teams app on both the mobile phone and laptop has no need for email notifications because even if he doesn’t see the banner notification he will get a notification in the activity feed section. Also, this way you can reduce the number of email you receive. The last thing you want is to get spammed.

On the other hand, someone that is using Microsoft Teams in a browser could miss some really important notifications if he is not always connected to Microsoft Teams (no mobile app installed).

Also, you can set custom notifications at the channel level. Just go into a specific Teams channel and click on the three dots on the right corner and then click channel notifications:

Microsoft Teams notifications

Status Notifications

On the same setting tab you have the Manage Notifications button. This is a simple one. You can choose one or more colleagues and you will get notified when they appear Available or Offline. Stalking mode on!

You can use this feature if you want to communicate something really important with someone and you need to chat with them as soon as they are available.

Priority Access

On the settings menu click on the Privacy tab and then the manage priority access button. Here you can select certain people inside your organization that will able to notify you, even when your status is set to do not disturb.

You can use this feature to make sure that you don’t miss any notifications from your manager or when you are expecting some important information from someone.

This is my short article about Microsoft Teams notifications. I hope you found some useful information and as always, make sure you check my other articles regarding Microsoft Teams.

Have a great one!

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