New names for Office 365 and Microsoft 365

New names for Office 365 and Microsoft 365

Two days ago I received an email form Microsoft with the new names for the Office 365 and Microsoft 365 products starting April 21. But the new names are a bit confusing, let’s say. Some products got their name from other products and some names are still unchanged. So let’s discuss about that.

What is the logic behind this changes? Well, the name “Office 365” wasn’t accurate anymore (and it never was). A lot of customers had a hard time understanding that Office Home and Business was one thing and Office 365 was a lot more than just the Office suite.

The name Microsoft 365 brings another dimension to the products and is more in line with what this products are all about. No just Office, but a lot of other services like OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.

So, here is the product structure starting April 21 2020 with the new names for Office 365 and Microsoft 365:

Business offering

Microsoft 365 Business Basic | old name: Office 365 Business Essentials

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business | old name: Office 365 Business

Microsoft 365 Business Standard | old name: Office 365 Business Premium

Microsoft 365 Business Premium | old name: Microsoft 365 Business

Enterprise offering

Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise | old name: Office 365 ProPlus

Office 365 E1 | unchanged

Office 365 E3 | unchanged

Office 365 E5 | unchanged

Microsoft 365 E3 | unchanged

Microsoft 356 E5 | unchanged

Also, Education (A1, A3, A5) and Governmental (G1, G3, G3) remain unchanged.

Confusing, right? Well, the good part is that the price and feature structure of the products is not changing, only the names is.

Got any questions? Feel free to use the comment section below. As always, make sure that you take a look at my other articles about Microsoft news, products and licensing.


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