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The Meetings button from Microsoft Teams is being removed

Even though Microsoft started removing the Meetings button from Microsoft Teams in March 2019, I have a lot of customers reporting and wondering why the Teams Meetings Button is missing from their Microsoft Teams view.

Meetings button
from Microsoft Teams roadmap

From my point of view it does make sense to have everything regarding Meetings under the new Calendar App. Keep in mind that you can use Calendar to create a new Live Event too. So, it would be absurd to create Meetings and Live Events in different places.

So, there is nothing wrong with your Microsoft Teams app. Removing the Meetings button is just something Microsoft have decided to implement (some months ago) in order to bring together every type of Meetings.

Now, knowing that Microsoft replaced the Meetings button with the Calendar button, I want to share you a new feature Microsoft is rolling out right now for Meetings in Microsoft Teams:

Do you need to share a video or audio clip as part of a presentation? Sharing your system audio lets you stream your computer audio to meeting participants through Teams.

Microsoft Teams – Share system audio in a Teams meeting

I think this is going to give a more realistic feel to the Teams Meetings. A great feature that will help the presenter to get closer to the audience and a great tool for delivering the right message.

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